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Medjugorje and Me: A collection of stories from across the world



Medjugorje and Me is the second book of testimonies from people from all over the world, about their experiences of Medjugorje. It is a sequel to Medjugorje: what it means to me.

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, CEO of Mary’s Meals and winner of the 2010 CNN Ordinary Heroes; Siobhan Mhic Craith, daughter of famous Irish musician Liam Clancy; award-winning BBC journalist, Chris Rogers; and Milona von Habsburg, Archduchess of Austria, are among the noteworthy names sharing their experiences.

Contributors to the book come from all walks of life, including a Dublin man paralysed from the neck down at the age of seventeen; another young man who was facing a prison sentence and found himself in Medjugorje two weeks before his court case; and an expriest who had a journey from ‘sin to salvation’ in Medjugorje. We also hear the stories of Mark Lenaghan, ex-IRA member, who credits Medjugorje for his conversion and Sr Colette, Mother Abbess with the Poor Clares in Galway, who discovered her vocation in Medjugorje. We hear about a Jewish man’s unlikely conversion to Catholicism and a young Englishman who gave up a prosperous career to become a priest after feeling ‘called’ whilst in Medjugorje.

World-renowned singer, songwriter and composer, Liam Lawton, provides the foreword.







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